• Chewing
  • Barking 
  • Housetraining
  • Jumpy
  • Mouthy
  • Resource Guarding
  • Mild Separation Anxiety
  • Handling Issues
  • Shyness

Initial Consultation
Our initial consultation will take approximately 90 minutes to assess history, training issues, problems, and expectations. 

You will be given an analysis of your situation and a beginning management plan, as well as some things to start working on right away. A written report with an analysis of the problem and the options available can be provided in a timely manner after the initial consult.

If you make the decision to address your dog's bad manners, complete management and behavior modification plans will be designed to fit your dog's specific needs. We will work together to rehabilitate your dog's manners.

Continuing Support
After the initial consultation I will be there for you; supporting you while we work out your dog’s problems. Whether you need continuing consultation in your home or just email and phone support, I will be available to help you through the process of rehabilitation. Together we will do all that we can to give you and your dog the quality of life you both deserve.


Fee: $90 per session – Initial Consultation takes approximately 90 minutes ($135.00). If a a written behavioral assessment report with an analysis of the problem and the options available is requested add an additional 60 minutes ($200.00).

Choose a Pre-pay Package for great savings. (If you buy a package the consultation will be considered our first session.)

Pre-pay for 3 sessions and get $5.00 off per session ($255).
Pre-Pay for 5 sessions and get $10.00 off per session ($400).
Pre-pay for 10 sessions and get $15.00 off per session ($750).

Please contact me for a free phone consultation during which we can discuss your dog's behavior problems and how I can help, 510.326.4597.