Good Manners Training


Good Manners Private Training Sessions will introduce you and your dog to the basic behaviors; Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Loose Leash walking, and for extra fun - a few tricks! In addition, we can address any simple behavior problems such as housetraining or jumping. I will teach you my training methods and you and your dog will sharpen your skills together. These private sessions are tailored to your specific needs and time schedule.

For dogs with little or no training, a minimum of five sessions are recommended. More sessions are needed to advance beyond the Basic level. Intermediate level Good Manners continue to refine what was learned at the Basic level and includes new behaviors such as "Go to Mat",more reliable recalls, etc.


Fee: $90 per session – Initial Consultation takes approximately 90 minutes ($135.00). If a a written behavioral assessment report with an analysis of the problem and the options available is requested add an additional 60 minutes ($200.00).

Choose a Pre-pay Package for great savings. (If you buy a package the consultation will be considered our first session.)

Pre-pay for 3 sessions and get $5.00 off per session ($255).
Pre-Pay for 5 sessions and get $10.00 off per session ($400).
Pre-pay for 10 sessions and get $15.00 off per session ($750).

Please contact me for a free phone consultation during which we can discuss your dog's behavior problems and how I can help, 510.326.4597.

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