A well mannered dog who responds to your requests, drops the ball when playing fetch, and comes when you call is a fun dog to have around. My goal is to provide a compassionate and fun environment in which you and your dog can cultivate a successful learning relationship.

Dogs do what works
– good or naughty –
to get what they want.

If we do not provide them with enough mental stimulation as well as physical exercise, they will create their own fun and games.

Grab sock
– you chase –
play Keep Away = FUN!

Providing your dog with appropriate mental and physical challenges builds confidence, reduces anxiety, improves impulse control, and strengthens the bond you have with your dog. 

Learn how to have a rollicking good time with your dog the Fun Dawgs way
. I offer private sessions in Good Manners training and Bad Manners behavior modification to enrich you and your dog’s lives. My private sessions are designed to be fun while meeting you and your dog’s specific needs.


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Toni Lee Hage,  "I believe in a fun approach to training and behavior modification where dogs, and humans, have a positive training experience."

  • SF SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers Certificate in Training & Counseling
  • Dog-Dog Aggression Certificate (SF SPCA Internship)
  • Curriculum Writing SF SPCA Academy Specialty Certificate
  • Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)

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